Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Canaan's Bath Time

Canaan LOVES her rides in the Baby Bjorn! We strapped her in and took a hike through the woods to go visit her G-Pop (Tim's grandfather, Canaan's great-grandfather). He lives about a mile away...literally up our back hill (which reaches an altitude of 14,530 feet...I think), up the other hill (which we have to use a repelling rope to get up...Tim holding onto her for dear life), and through the woods (through the poison ivy) and then we arrived at G-Pop's for a little visit. After we got home, I was a little concerned about our swim through the poison ivy, so it was bath time for Canaan! A favorite activity of the day...chronicled for your enjoyment.

So after we get her naked and plop her in, it's heaven for Canaan! She LOVES taking a bath (reminiscent of the womb I imagine...warm and pink). She mostly squirms around and looks all over the place.

You can see she still has peanut arms, but her belly is filling out quite nicely.

In this picture with Dad, you can see she's gazing at him with complete adoration in her eyes. We hope she is. Or she may be trying to poop in the tub. She's done that before.

And here's her "Cute as a Bug" face...I just can't stand it. She's so stinkin' cute.

So after we scrub her down (being diligent to keep the water out of her ears--right? Isn't that bad for a baby to get water inside their ears? I think so), it's time to get out, snuggle up in the towel, eat some food and go to bed. Sounds cozy to you and I, but not to our little Peanut.

THAT is her least favorite part of bath time. Getting out of the tub. We get to witness an amazing transformation at this point--cute as a bug to the Incredible Hulk in the blink of an eye.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Faces of Canaan

In this edition of The Faces of Canaan, I will relay to you the many characteristics Canaan portrays during the course of a day. The first "face" is a sweet face...like this one of our first family picnic at Piedmont Park on Saturday. Here we are all smiling...well, Canaan is kind of smiling. This is a face we see when she's awake, fed, happy, and there is no poop in the diaper.

This next face is Canaan's "thoughtful" face...here she could be thinking about many things...how best to squeeze out that poop that's baking in her little belly, why the dog tries to smell her all the stinkin' time, when she should strategically smile at everyone else except for her mother who carried and birthed all 12 cm of her head out of a 10 cm hole (no kidding...smiles for dad, Uncle John, Grandma, and maybe two smiles for me--very unjust.) She's also very enamoured with the black and white painting of Jesus on our wall--I like to think that she's very spiritual already. Hallelujah!

And after being awake for a good long time, eating, pooping, being happy, playing, thinking about life, she begins to resemble a "deer in the headlights"...so that's what this face is. One of her favorite places is in the "crevice" of the couch which she typically just sits there and stares. Yes, just like this. We now know it means she's getting tired.

And if we really don't get it, she'll yawn.

And if you still don't get it (or you're just desperately trying to finish vacuuming really fast...in fact, I wouldn't even call it vacuuming, I would call it "running with the vacuum cleaner in tow and maybe a dog hair or two will leap into the vacuum filter"), THEN she wails. Really loudly.

Then finally, our sweet little girl will fall asleep.