Monday, March 14, 2011

The Benefits of Having a Sister

A sister is a blessing in disguise. During the small years, they're the one who you share a room and all your toys with. During the older years, they're the one you share clothes and your chicken pie recipe with. I love my sister, Beth, and I am so thankful my girls have someone to share life with.

Benefit of having a sister: during the monthly zoo trip (thanks, Nana and PopPop for the annual pass), a sister is the one who says, "Quick! What's that flamingo doing???!?" while your mother is trying to take a cute picture.

She's also the one who suggests, "Yeah, Dad. Take this picture. Shiloh looks REAL perky."

Sisters are there for each other during the mandatory face-in-the-animal-shot.

They're there to share hand sanitizer after petting the goats.

A sister will go to the Atlanta Ballet wearing a matching outfit with you. Even when you're 27.

She'll also dare you to climb up that 19 foot wire fence in the parking garage. Then laugh a little when it ends up only being about a foot and a half.

A sister will honestly tell you if that smile where your tongue sticks out is good looking or not.

"That's better."

Sisters are there to remind each other that it's their parent's birthday. Their 30th none-the-less. And to donate to their Charity: Water dig a well thing.

A sister is there to listen to your story of going to the puppet show and trying to get a picture with your best guy friend but he was really upset about sitting on Pinocchio's giant shoe or something so it ended up both of you looked a little awkward.

A sister grabs your hair while deep in the throes of a wrestling match but then starts laughing about it cause while she was pulling your hair, you were actually pinching her toe.

A sister teaches you the fine art of coloring with 12 crayons at once.

A sister is also there to hold Mom's coffee while she's settling into her seat on the plane to Minnesota to go to Great-Grandma's funeral, who, in the end, claimed that her stuffed dog was real and was amazed that he could eat so much for only "half a dog."

While thier Great-Grandma was a fantastic woman (and a real character), the girls appreciated the relationship of sisters while in the negative 7 degree weather of Minnesota. Cousins Alexa (red jacket), Mattie (blue jacket), and Lainey (green jacket). Sisters help each other get dressed for the snow, "Prepare for the Ice Age!" Canaan told us, appropriately.

Sisters pull each other across the frozen tundra of Star Lake. Eight more miles to the fish house.

Sisters also feed each other yellow snow, claiming it's only the light reflecting off your floral jacket.

Sisters tell each other how beautiful they are in their tutus and black sequins and feather boas. And slobber chins.

Sisters watch the sunset together.

Sisters will back you up when you tell your Grammy, "I promise you can barely see the PVC pipe jutting out of the side of the house. It kind of blends in."

Sisters will take the picture of their mother and Grammy (Maureen's favorite aunt-who's-like-her-mother) and say, "Mom, don't tuck that shirt in again. Grammy, nice hip action."

Sisters are the ones who look at their parent's pictures from the bed-n-breakfast they went to upon returning from Minnesota and say, "First of all, is Dad throwing up a gang sign? Secondly, who is taking this picture of Mom running on the dock?" The answer to these questions is: the camera was on a shorter timed delay than we had anticipated.

Here is the picture we meant to take.

Sisters go to their dad's 1/2 marathon and cheer him on while he runs a 7.14 mile and ends up being 4th/80 in his age division.

Sisters will hold up their "Go Daddy Go!" sign with Nana and cheer and yell even though it's raining and cold but that doesn't even matter because when asked, "Who are you going to marry when you grow up?" the answer is always, "Daddy."

We'll wait until they're older before telling them that Daddy's already taken.

Sisters will be honest with each other, "I swear to you that volcanoes are made of pink lava. I've seen it before."

A sister will let you borrow their best prom dress. Even if you're planning on digging a hole in the backyard with it on.

A sister will make you smile when you have to take the naked-fairy-picture-for-the-dining-room-photo-collection picture.

They even tell you that they "lub you."

That may not stop them from taking your wings to try them on for size.

But, like most little girls, the drama between sisters doesn't last long. Then the smiles and the love is back in full swing.

And one of the best things about a sister is not only are they your built-in-best-friend, but only she can make you laugh so hard you pee. But that doesn't even matter to a sister cause she just peed in the tub, too.