Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Punkin' Patch!

On Sunday, we went to the Punkin' Patch with Canaan's future husband--Andre Clark and his parents (Bonnie and Keenan...strikingly close to "Canaan" that Divine Providence?) The Goodwin family wore matching outfits (of course) so that we would be ready to pose for many pictures with the punkins.

Picture #1: Canaan focusing on the dirt that got on her cutie knit tights.

Picture #2: She got the blade of grass off of her tights finally. Whew. Now we're ready for pictures.

Picture #3: Andre trying to tell Canaan that it's cool to have dirt on your tights. And that it was a good thing she wore her bow cause people would think she was a boy since he has more hair than she does.

Picture #4: Andre trying to take Canaan's bow off. It was poking him in the eye and that was not very comfortable. Besides the fact that this was actually picture #76 and he was tired of just sitting there with a girl...whether it was his future wife or not. It was simply not cool anymore.

Picture #77: Canaan did not think that was very funny.

So after a little snuggling with mom...

Picture #78: We're back at taking pictures. (Note the cotton stalks in the year, in celebration of the North winning the Civil War, we'll be taking the kids to pick cotton and explaining how thankful they should be that the North won and we don't have slaves anymore.)

Picture #294: Finally, we pose for an extended family picture--Andre cashed out, Canaan apparently starving because she's eating her hand, and the parents ready for a margarita.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Canaan's First Georgia Game!

Canaan's first Georgia game was (unfortunately) when Alabama (barely) beat Georgia. She was prepared to show her Bulldog spirit with her cheer leading uniform, though. And sometimes, fashion is really all that counts.

We went to Athens to visit Grandpa and Grandma
(my mom and dad). So first thing a Georgia fan does is go to Strickland's for breakfast. Home of the best bacon and eggs and sausage and grits and coffee in the SEC conference. Canaan was upset that she couldn't have any biscuits and gravy. Or maybe she was just upset that her mother didn't pack a red and black bow--the black ribbon actually had small orange dots and no respectable Georgia fan would ever wear orange on Game Day. No matter how small the orange dot.

After a little breakfast, it's home again to get ready for the game. Here, you can see Canaan revving up her arm for the famous GA cheer, "Goooooooooooo dogs!!!! SIC EM! Woof woof woof woof!!!" Grandma has to hold her steady because her balance is thrown off a bit when doing all that arm pumping.

After leaving Canaan with Grandma and Grandpa, we're off to TAILGATE! It's purely out of a sacrificial heart that we decided to leave Canaan with her grandparents while we went to eat Chick-fil-A nuggets (thanks, Sarah) and Cassie's famous buffalo chicken wing dip and yell and throw things at Alabama fans and wear black to support our Dogs and ask around if someone may be selling their ticket for under $450 so that maybe we can actually get into the game. No luck with the tickets. Thankfully, it was wonderful company...pictured left to right--Allison (best friend from high school), me, Anna (another close friend from high school), Sarah (Josh's future wife, my future sister-in-law and co-conspirator of fabulous family night extravaganzas), and Cassie (my best friend from sixth grade and Canaan's Godmother!)

And after the game, we return home to a smug-looking dad whose contemplating our humiliating day with Canaan, who is pensively looking out the window, thinking, "Man, that defensive line was simply over aggressive after falling behind in that first half and when the defensive ends rush right into Alabama's cut-block scheme, it only worsens the issue. I should call Mark."